Why Water Filtration Isn’t Just For Drinking Water

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Many people choose to filter the water they drink, whether it's straight from the tap or using a filtration jug. However, drinking water isn’t the only water that benefits from filtration systems. There are many advantages to filtering all the water in your household, from the kitchen sink to the shower. 

Depending on whether you have hard or soft water, the need to filter water will differ. Those living in hard water areas have a water supply that is rich in minerals that can be both beneficial and harmful for you and your home.

If you live in a hard water area, you may benefit from a home water filtration system. This is because the minerals in the water can cause a build-up of deposits that can lead to piping issues, leave stains on your sinks, baths and showers and also reduce the effectiveness of soaps and cleaning products. 

If you filter your shower water, you will find that soap is more effective and bubbles and lathers more. This can help when washing the body and hair as it allows the soap to do its job. 

Not filtering the water can leave hair and skin dry as well, so by adding a filtration system you can look forward to soft skin and silky hair. 

Washing clothing without filtering the water first can also lead to laundry being stiffer and may prevent detergent from working effectively. Filtering hard water for laundry can help ensure your clothes and sheets are soft and fresh. 

Hard water can also leave watermarks on dishes and other possessions after washing. This isn’t necessarily dirty but can make it seem like dishes aren’t properly cleaned. This can create extra work for you as you may end up rinsing dishes over and over to make them appear clean.

This is also the case for washing vehicles. Hard water can cause a cast to be left when the vehicle has dried. Filtering the water used when washing your car or other vehicles can leave them shiny and clean without the need for polishing afterwards. 

While there are many benefits to filtering hard water, some people may choose not to filter hard water that is for drinking. This is because they may prefer to keep the additional minerals as they are good for you and can have health benefits. 

Hard water may affect the inside of your kettle though, so deciding whether or not you wish to filter your drinking water may be down to personal preference. Filtration may also affect the taste of your water, so some people may decide to filter drinking water purely because they prefer the taste and vice versa. 

Some may wish to filter only the water they use for washing and other household tasks, others may decide to filter only the water they drink, while some people may decide to filter all their household water or none at all. 

This is entirely down to preference, but investing in a quality filtration system can help make the entire process easier.