Hommix Rewards

Introducing - Hommix Rewards

We are excited to launch our brand new loyalty programme; Hommix Rewards. Hommix Rewards is a way of Hommix saying "Thank you" to our valued customers and to ensure you have the best experience possible.

One of the best ways to earn your Hommix Rewards is referring friends and family! They get to save 5% from their purchase and you automatically receive 200 Hommix Rewards once they make a purchase above £100!

How do I earn Hommix Rewards?

There are many other ways to earn your very own Hommix Rewards, here are all the ways to earn:

  • First of all become a member! - 50 Hommix Rewards
  • 1 Hommix Reward for every £1 you spend on our website
  • Share your experience on facebook! - 50 Hommix Rewards
  • Give us a like on Facebook! - 25 Hommix Rewards
  • Follow hommix.uk on Instagram! - 25 Hommix Rewards
  • Share your birthday to receive 200 Hommix Rewards on your birthday every year!

How do I Spend my Hommix Rewards?

Now that you've collected your points, it's time to spend them! Once your points have reached one of the following thresholds, you will receive an email/notification with a discount code which you can use at checkout. You can always go back to your account on www.hommix.co.uk to check your progress!

  • 500 Hommix Rewards - £10 off discount
  • 1000 Hommix Rewards - £20 off discount
  • 3000 Hommix Rewards - £60 off discount
  • 5000 Hommix Rewards - 20% off coupon

Email us at info@hommix.co.uk if you have any questions about the Hommix Rewards Scheme!