Discover excellence at Hommix UK, where our unwavering commitment is to provide the finest products for clean drinking water at both home and business settings. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles as we strive to support your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle while actively contributing to the preservation of our oceans. Our extensive selection spans high-quality drinking water filtration systems to innovative 3-way taps, ensuring you find precisely what you need for a healthier, more sustainable future.

We stand by your side at all times, offering support through live chat, email (, or phone (0330 113 9292). Your journey towards a healthier, eco-conscious lifestyle begins with us. Trust Hommix UK to be your partner in creating a better tomorrow, one sip at a time.

⭐️ Reviews ⭐️

Great costumer service. I bought the counter top machine and very pleased with the product and the company. Matt had always been super friendly and helpful.

May Cherchyk
- Google Review

We live in Norwich where the water quality is not very good. Lots of stone that builds up in the plumbing.The water filter was fitted by a plumber in a cupboard, and seemed a straightforward installation. The filters are easy to replace. The improvement in water quality was noticeable and significantly better Not perfect, but very good. A product worth my recommendation.

Phillip Evans
- Trustpilot Review

Wonderful 3 way tap certainly very happy so far. Easy enough to fit for my plumber! The advice on the help chat is second to none. I took photos of the filter and got a speedy response and next day delivery. 5*

Lynn Johnson
- Trustpilot Review

I had an isssue with a product but the service I received in resolving the problem was excellent and I only wish more companies offered such first class customer support. I would highly recommend them.

Nigel Johnson
- Trustpilot Review

Why did I wait so long to get this?!

One word: AMAZING!

The machine is quiet and every functionality is awesome. Hit water on demand, the sparkling water is SO good, cold water is COOOOLLLD, and perfect ambient water. Its just perfection.

I had a got this to replace the Osmio Zero countertop. That worked fine (less functionality), but we got tired of changing the water tank twice a day. Everytime I use the Hommix, I get extra excited knowing I don't need to change the tank.

Dont even think about the tiny hole to put this on your countertop. Even if we decide to remove this, you wouldn't notice.

This company included free installation.

The overall service from the company is 100 out of 10. Phenomenal service.

Don't think about it. Just get it.

Christina Gomez
- Google Review

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