Pure Pro Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge (USA)
Works with Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems and as an alkaline inline filter – push fittings supplied. The PurePro Alkaline filter raises RO water pH to between 8.00~9.5 Helps minimise the fluctuations of your body’s pH. Turn acidic drinking water into...
£28.99 £25.99
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Hommix M800DF (Direct Flow) System 2 Year Replacement Filter Bundle
Hommix M800 And M800 Pumped system – cartridge filters Replacement  4 x (Stage 1) Change every 6months  5 Micron Sediment Filter : Change every 6months With only five micron rating. It is effective in removing dirt, rust and sand particles. 4 x...
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Sprudelux CO2 Cylinder (60L)
New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Cylinder for making fresh sparkling water with the Hommix spaRO Countertop 5-in-1 Reverse Osmosis Filter Sparkling Water Machine Also compatible with SodaStream, Crystal...
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Pure-Pro Post Carbon Inline / Replacement Filter (Fittings Included)
The Pure-Pro Post Carbon filter utilises coconut sell GAC and are designed to remove unpleasant taste and odours as well as sediment to produce cleaner, clearer, better tasting water. These Granular Activated Carbon filters are easily installed on the water...
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BMB Alkaline & Detox Filters for BMB-10 & BMB-20
The BMB Alkaline & Detox Replacement Filters Set are the post filters used on the BMB-10 and BMB-20 Alkaline & Detox Upgrade versions. The filters help balance your body's pH and mineral levels with 100% natural alkaline mineral stones and...
£45.00 £39.99
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Full Pre Set of Quick Change Filter for BMB-10 BMB-20
Full Set of Quick Change Filters for BMB Reverse Osmosis System for BMB-10 & BMB-20  Also compatible with BMB Nano devices, the BMB Nano Filter Kit contains a total of 4 filters and produces high-quality healthy and delicious water thanks...
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Pure-Pro RS3000 Replacement Filters Set
The RS3000 filters use the latest technology which is 100% better than the older models. The filters effectively remove and reduce chlorine, lead, chlorine, asbestos and other impurities often found in water supplies and safely and effectively remove micro-organisms like...
£45.00 £42.99
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Pure-Pro ERS-106A Replacement Filter 2-Year Bundle Pack for the Alkaline RO System
Replacement Filter 2-Year Bundle Pack for the Pure-Pro ERS-106A Alkaline RO System  This bundle pack contains 17 filters in total, designed to last at least 2 years. Four x (Stage 1) 5 Micron Sediment Filter: recommended change every 6 months...
£210.00 from £179.99
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1 Year Replacement Filter Set for Hommix spaRO and Hommix ROsmo
2 x Stage 1 + 2: Pre-Carbon Filters This carbon block filter was compressed in a high temperature. It efficiently removes a suspended solid, rust debris in a first stage and it minimises a decrease in a flow caused by a...
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PurePro Mineral Water Filter Cartridge
This filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary for proper human development and health minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and others readily found in many natural mineral waters. Mainly installed with RO systems to complement...
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Biocera A.A Filter (Antioxidant Alkaline)
Over 70 percent of earth is covered by water, so is the human body. All living creatures need water to survive. But what happens if the water is compromised by impurities and toxins? It would be life threatening. The human body needs...
£79.99 £54.99
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BMB-30 Nova Pro Full Set of Replacement Filters
BMB Nova Pro is one of the most technologically advanced water filtration systems in the world. The system, which is primarily designed for home and commercial use, comes standard with 7 filters and Smart Water capability. Nova Pro incorporates state of the art filters,...
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Recomax 150 GPD Low Rejection Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1812
The Recomax Low Rejection Membrane (LRM) introduces a viable solution for those who think twice about having a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System due to the waste water rejection rate. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is known as the most effective method for filtering...
£99.99 £79.99
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Ecosoft PP melt blown sediment replacement filter 4.5"×10" 5-micron
The Ecosoft 4.5"x10" 5-micron porous polypropylene replacement filter is intended to purify water from sediment particles such as rust, sand, scale, silt etc. The replacement filter protects sanitary ware and plumbing from damage. Key advantages 40 000 litres capacity High...
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12 Month (Full Set) Replacement Filters for BMB-1000 Nano Whole House Water Filter System
Full Set of Filters for BMB-1000 Nano Whole House Water Filter System The BMB-1000 Nano Home by BMB Technology is a state of the art point of entry (POE) water filtration system that is powered by nanotechnology. The 4 filter / 8...
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12 Month Replacement Filter Pack for BMB-10 and BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox
Full Set of Filters for BMB Reverse Osmosis System for BMB-10 & BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox Systems Compatible with BMB-10 & BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox Systems RO Filter Systems, this pack contains a total of 6 filters and produces high-quality healthy and delicious...
£132.99 £124.99
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