How To Properly Maintain Your Home Water Filtration System

Water consumption is essential for our everyday well-being, where this natural resource keeps us hydrated whilst supporting normal bodily functions. As such, having a free-flowing supply of water in our homes is something we tend to take for granted, whether we need this sustaining force to cook, clean or tend to indoor plants.

When it comes to drinking water, quality is paramount. This means that you may find that your local water supply is too hard, or has an unpleasant taste. Water filtration is the best way to improve the quality of your domestic water supply, where this allows you to remove impurities such as sediment and bacteria in addition to improving taste.

Once you’ve installed a home water filtration system, it is vital that you maintain your installation carefully in order to reap the benefits of expertly clean water. This can be achieved by following a straightforward cleaning and maintenance schedule, so you can guarantee that your system remains in top condition for the long term. 

Read on to find out more about how you can properly maintain your home water filtration system.

Water Filtration Systems: A Brief Guide

Water filtration systems can be used in homes and businesses to improve water quality, where this technology is designed to improve levels of sediment, bacteria and water hardness. 

In its simplest form, a water filter is a portable jug that cleanses water taken from a household tap, providing a container full of pleasant-tasting water. Building on this basic principle, water filters have also been engineered that purify your water supply before it enters your home so that your water has already been filtered when you turn on the tap.

There are numerous different types of filtration systems that can be fitted into a domestic property to achieve this purifying effect, where these include:

Under sink systems - these water filters are usually fitted into a unit under the kitchen sink, where purified water may be accessed via an additional or upgraded tap.

Whole house systems - also known as point of entry filters, these systems are fitted where your main water line enters the home, bringing clean water to every tap in your property.

Faucet mounted systems - these water filters tend to attach directly to your kitchen tap, where they are easy to install and adjust by hand.

Countertop systems - an upgraded version of the filtered water jug, these systems are designed to store several litres of pure water without requiring you to refill the tank as they are mostly plumbed into your water supply.

Maintaining Your Water Filtration System

Although water filtration systems are designed for longevity, it is also important to keep your installation in good condition in order to prolong its life. A mixture of thorough cleaning practices and preventative maintenance is the best way to look after your water filter, helping to ensure that your system remains fully functional.

Although specific cleaning and filter handling techniques vary depending on your system type, most methods of upkeep can be applied to all water filter models. As such, some of our top cleaning and maintenance suggestions include:

Filter Replacements

The most important aspect of system maintenance to consider is filter replacement. Water filter pieces tend to be removable and disposable, which helps to prevent a build-up of debris within your system. 

Typically, filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, but

 this will vary depending on the make and model you are using. As such, you should always follow your specific system instructions and change your filter as advised.

Key Signs Your Water Filter Needs Replacing:

  • Cloudy or discoloured water
  • Low water pressure or decreased flow
  • Unpleasant water odour
  • Visible scaling or sediment
  • Change in water taste

System Cleaning

Some targeted cleaning may also be required to keep your water filtration system in top condition. You may need to sanitise specific parts or components to prevent a build-up of sediment, where this should only be carried out using cleaning agents and tools approved by the manufacturer.

Consult Your Manual

It may be tempting to dispose of or misplace your user manual along with any packaging once your filtration system has been fitted, but you should endeavour to retain this important information for as long as your filter is in use. 

Manuals will detail how frequently filters need to be replaced, as well as provide key maintenance tips and advice on where to source replacement parts. As such, make sure that you file your manual somewhere safe for future reference. If you have purchased your water filter from us and have misplaced your manual, please feel free to contact us for a PDF copy of your manual. 

Monitoring & Inspections

One of the best preventative maintenance techniques when it comes to looking after your water filter is to monitor and inspect your system on a regular basis. This may involve regular water quality tests in order to ensure that your filter is working correctly, where you may also wish to check for small leaks or loose components which could indicate that something is amiss.

Holiday Considerations

If your home is likely to be unoccupied for several months, then you should adjust your water filter accordingly. Consider turning off your water supply so your filter doesn’t receive any more liquid, or you can unplug your unit and drain off any excess water, where this can prevent water from freezing within your system if you’re away during the winter months. 

You may also wish to run two or more manual rinse cycles when you return home, especially if your filter has held standing water during your absence. This is also a good time to consider changing your filters and conducting a deep clean before your system is returned to daily use.

Spare Parts

It is also advisable to keep spare water filter parts at home in case of an emergency. Water leaks or blockages can be disruptive, so creating a one-stop repair kit can help to mitigate any problems as they arise. You can also prepare by making sure that you always have extra filters to hand.

You should also be able to order model-specific parts and filters from your system supplier, where discounts or exclusive offers may be available.

Professional Assistance

It may become necessary to enlist professional help if your filtration system seems to be malfunctioning in a serious or irreparable way. A licensed plumber will be able to inspect, clean and replace a water filter, in addition to offering advice on how best to maintain your unit going forward.  Please feel free to contact us if you are having difficulties hard to find a plumber experienced in water filters. 

Some manufacturers will also offer warranty schemes and plans that cover the cost of system repairs within a set period. This can help to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, and you may also be able to seek troubleshooting advice from your supplier.

Hommix: Water Purification Systems For Your Home

At Hommix, we offer a variety of home water filtration systems that can purify your water supply of various contaminants like chlorine, nitrates and pesticide residue. 

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Our Filtration Systems

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