The Benefits Of A 3-Way Tap Installation For Your Kitchen

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Are you looking for an innovative way to improve the efficiency and style of your kitchen? Changing your tap faucet could be the answer! If you haven't considered a three-way faucet, you could be missing out. This ingenious fixture is a great way to have safe, filtered water, as well as your standard cold and hot water at your disposal. 

Having a convenient solution for all of your water worries can bring your kitchen to life with seamless integration and improved convenience! Our blog is here to dive into everything you need to know about a three-way tap installation! 

From what three-way taps are, to their many benefits and installation process, keep reading our blog to learn more! 

Water Solutions For Your Home

Traditional taps have worked in the same way for years! With hot water and cold water coming from one place, traditional taps have been simple to use and navigate. But some homes need more than just hot and cold water. 

Areas with unfiltered tap water often mean that homeowners need to find ways to source safe, filtered water. Whether that means buying bottled water or investing in a separate filtration system, finding the right solution can seem tricky. But, with three-way tap installations, the answer is simple! 

What Is A 3-Way Tap? 

Let's dive right in! If you aren't sure what a three-way tap is, let's lay down the basics! Essentially, a three-way tap, or a triflow filter tap, has 2 separate outlets, which are designed for standard hard water (both hot and cold) and filtered water. This can be a useful and convenient fixture for your kitchen, giving you easy access to hot, cold and filtered water with ease. 

A three-way tap will have: 

  • Three water inlets, for hot, cold and filtered water. The hot and cold will be your main hard (or softened) water, with the extra inlet connected to a water filter of your choice. 
  • Two handles, one of which is usually a mixer, give you control over hot and cold water and the other handle gives you control over filtered water. 
  • Two spouts with separate chambers inside, so there is no cross-contamination between the hot/cold mains water and the safe filtered water. 

How Is This Different From A Normal Tap? 

One of the biggest differences between a normal tap and a three-way tap is that a three-way tap avoids the need for another hole to be drilled for an extra tap to dispense the filtered water. This filtration system that your tap is connected to will give you filtered water with ease, and get rid of any contaminants and impurities in your water. In areas with poor water quality, a three-way faucet connected to a filtration system gives you clean, purified drinking water at any moment, directly from your main tap.

Separate Filtration Systems vs. 3-Way Taps

There are other options for having purified/filtered water from home such as countertop filtration systems but depending on your preference and space, 3-way taps might be the better option for you. For example, some individuals don’t mind having a water filter system on the worktop as there are features such as purified hot and cold water alongside sparkling water and ice functions. 

3-way taps have the great benefit of saving you space, by having the filtration system integrated into the faucet. They allow you to declutter your space and free up counter space while still having access to clean, filtered water. They also require little maintenance, and their filters will only need changing every once in a while (usually once a year but this can be more often depending on the filtration system), making your job nice and simple. 

Both of these water solutions are investments, and each option may suit different homeowners! If you’re unsure about which system will be the best fit for your home, you can speak to our team today for useful advice!

How Can A 3-Way Tap Benefit Me? 

If you're looking to enhance the functionality and convenience of your kitchen, a three-way tap could definitely be a great solution! Keep reading below to hear our list of benefits that a three-way tap can bring you. 

Healthier Water

Another great benefit of three-way taps is the filtration system that is integrated into these faucets. The filtration systems are designed to remove impurities in your water, such as chlorine, microplastics, lead and mercury from your tap water, making it much safer and healthier to drink! For people living in areas with poor water quality, a three-way faucet solution can be the most convenient and cost-effective. 

Readily available filtered water can improve your health and encourage you to drink more water throughout the day! If you buy a lot of bottled water, the three-way tap can help you save on buying bottled water too! 

Environmental Perks

Installing a three-way tap can also have environmental perks! It can help you reduce the amount of plastic waste you are producing from bottled water, as you won't have as much need for filtered bottled water, significantly reducing your plastic waste! 

Cost Savings

For those who live in areas with poor water quality, bottled water can often be the solution that most people seek, but this can end up being extremely expensive in the long run. Many households invest in separate filter machines or additional filtration systems which can also be an option. While both options are effective for helping you gain access to filtered water, the three-way tap can provide seamless and convenient access in your kitchen or utility space if you prefer an empty worktop space. 

Simple Installation

Last but certainly not least, a three-way faucet has a simple and convenient installation, leaving you with a great home improvement minus the hassle! Hommix three-way faucets come with pre-assembled components or easy-to-follow installation manuals, making your job even easier! Clear instructions will be provided, guiding you through the installation process. And, if you're really struggling, you can always find a YouTube tutorial to help you out or simply give us a call as we’re more than happy to guide you via a video call! 

Unlike traditional setups that have a separate filtration system, one of the great things about a three-way faucet is that the filtration system is integrated directly into the faucet. This makes the installation process much easier, removing the need for extra space and complicated connections.

Design Options 

Not only is a 3-way tap great for practical reasons, but they also come in a range of beautiful designs, finishes and colours. If you're big on aesthetics or want to find something to elevate your kitchen, a three-way tap can help you take your space to the next level. From classic or vintage designs to modern aesthetics, from standard swan neck shapes to elegant spring pull-out 3-way taps with spray functions, you can find a tap that blends seamlessly into your kitchen, or stands out from the crowd! 

Here From A Happy Customer

This one's from a dear customer over in Rhode Island, US. Due to placing the order just before lockdown, she had to patiently wait a few months for our suppliers over in Italy, which at the time was one of the worst hit countries by the pandemic. It was a long wait but the feedback says it all:

"I just wanted you to see how beautiful my new faucet looks in my new kitchen. It was well worth the wait. As you can see the work is still not finished and I will start using my kitchen hopefully next week. I get a lot of compliments on my faucet. No one has ever seen one as stunning as that piece. Be well, take care and thank you again."

Hommix UK: Water Purification Systems For Your Home

In our ever-changing lives, having a seamless and convenient kitchen space is crucial for some of us, and a three-way tap is a perfect way of achieving this! With its world of benefits, it's a no-brainer! Whether you're looking for a convenient solution for your water woes, or you're looking for non-conventional tap designs to enhance unique aesthetics, a three-way tap could be just what you need! 

Here at Hommix UK Limited, we offer a range of quality water purification equipment for your home. From domestic filtration units to our range of triflow filter taps, we have an excellent range of water purification equipment to make your kitchen even better. 

To find out more about our water purification equipment, or other home solutions head to our website to browse our products. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with our team today! We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find exactly what you're looking for.