Signs that You Might Need To Replace Your Water Filter’s Cartridge

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If you have had a whole house water filter fitted, you will soon notice the benefits of doing so. The water coming through your taps will no longer be so hard. Your kettle, washing machine and shower unit will no longer build up limescale.

In addition, the water will taste better to drink and feel better on your skin and there will be no unpleasant bits of debris in it from effects like rusting pipes and disturbed sediment.

All this is good news, but every so often you will need a water filter replacement cartridge. For optimal use, it helps to know when it is becoming clear that your existing cartridge has served its time and needs to be swapped for a new one.

How long your filter will last for depends on different factors. An obvious one is the amount of sediment and contaminants are in the water you are using. A second is the actual volume of water your household is using; naturally, a large family will use more than a couple, for instance.

A pressure gauge can help, as this will gradually drop as debris builds up and when it starts to get low, you will find that there is a lack of pressure and flow. A gauge will enable you to see this coming before you lose practical function such as a good flow of water in your shower.

The length of time a cartridge lasts in a filter is typically between one and three months, depending on your usage, so be prepared for fairly regular changes.

By doing this, you will be able to ensure that the water you have coming out of your taps and shower remains pleasant to use in various ways, while also protecting your appliances from the build-up of debris, limescale and other nasty substances.