Our FIRST Black Friday! You do not want to miss this offer!

So it's our FIRST BLACK FRIDAY and we are going kinda crazy! If you've been detaining from buying your own Reverse Osmosis Filtration System incase an unmissable deal appears, then this is the time to do it. 

We are offering selected 3-Way Taps discounted 40% when you buy one of our most effective RO systems, the M800 6 Stage under-sink filtration system. Say bye-bye to those bottled waters, say bye-bye to tap water and go into the new year with fresh filtered water right from your kitchen available at all times! 

We always advise our customers (in other words - family) to invest in 3-way taps when they purchase our filtration systems. This avoids you from having another hole drilled into your sink with another tap only to use for filtered water. How does it work? 

3 way taps have three incoming taps, this is your typical hot and cold but also including the filtered water dispensing from an additional spout completely separate from the hot/cold. This means it's a case of removing your old hot/cold mixer and replacing it with a 3-way tap without making your sink look ugly. 

 Simply go to our homepage (click here), add one of the filtration systems to your cart, then add one of the 3-way taps below the systems and the discount will be applied automatically at checkout! 

Do not miss!!