Freestanding RO Systems

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Our freestanding reverse osmosis water filter systems provide outstanding drinking water and is widely used in offices and hospitals. This filtration method removes harmful compounds found in water with no chemicals, making it sustainable and cost-effective.

HOMMIX’s Reverse Osmosis systems will rigorously remove most pollutants, going beyond the abilities of typical water filtration systems to give you clean, great-tasting water every day. Without using any chemicals, Reverse Osmosis cleans your water by forcing it though a semi-permeable membrane that removes contaminants and leaves only clean drinking water in the holding tank.

These systems are the most popular because they improve the taste, smell, and look of your water, by getting rid of pesticide residues, chlorine, nitrates, sulphates, fluoride, and many more contaminants. Whichever option you choose, with HOMMIX’s filtration systems you get great-tasting water each day.

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