What Are The Benefits Of Mixer Tips?

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A distinctly British bathroom feature that lets you know you’re in the UK is separate pillar taps, but more homeowners are swapping these for mixer taps for their multitude of benefits.

While the rest of Europe and the USA have been fans of mixer taps for several years, many homes on British soil are still fitted with separate taps, with cold water coming out of one and hot out of the other.

However, the love for these traditional taps is slowly dissipating, as households take advantage of the benefits of mixer taps. To find out what these are, read on:


The main selling point of mixer taps is you have better control over the heat of the water. Instead of having to mix cold and hot in the sink to achieve the right temperature, you can do this simply by moving the lever on the tap, so it is just how you want it as it comes out.


Waste less

Consequently, you waste less water, as you don’t have to keep topping up the sink or bath with cold or hot to get the right temperature. This makes it more economical, which is good news for homeowners in this current economic climate.



Mixer taps can be used for baths, bathroom basins, and kitchen sinks, making them incredibly versatile. This allows you to match your fittings perfectly and cut down on decisions when redecorating.