Should You Get A Countertop Or Under-Sink Water Filtration System?

If you have decided to buy a water filtration system, congratulations, you're in the right direction! You can look forward to clean pure water that tastes great, and doesn’t damage household appliances. However, there is one further decision to make: should you go for a countertop or under-sink system?

Here are some pointers to help you decide. 


Under-sink water filters

The obvious advantage is that under-sink filters are tucked out of sight, under the kitchen counter. This allows you to keep the worktops clear, which may be a priority in a smaller kitchen. You may simply find it more aesthetically pleasing to have the filtration system and tubing stowed away. This system is powerful and will provide a good water output.

Bear in mind that they are larger than countertop systems as a rule, and this may be a concern if you need the cupboard space for storage. They can also be a little more challenging to install than countertop systems. However, in most cases this can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions, rather than calling out a plumber.

Under sink RO systems come with a small single water dispensing tap to dispense pure water. To keep the sink / worktop even more aesthetically pleasing with less clutter, you may want to purchase a Hommix 3-way tap (also known as triflow filter taps). 


Countertop water filters

Countertop RO systems only require the feed water and drain connection under the sink, therefore not taking up any space as the filters, tank and all the technology is included within the system itself with no other parts required to be installed under the sink. Since the connections are under the sink, many believe that it has to be installed near the tap, which is not the case. They can be installed up to 5 metres away from the sink, giving you plenty of options to have it installed at the required location.

In order to have hot and cold purified water along with ambient water using an under sink RO system, you'll need the RO system, water chiller and boiling water along with compatible taps which are hard to find. Especially if you'd like ice and sparkling made from RO water, which will take up pretty much all of the space under the sink. However, you could have all of these with a countertop system only measuring 29cm (W) x 52cm (D) x 47.5cm (H) such as the Hommix spaRO and not taking up any space under the sink, saving you plenty of space.

When making your choice, consider how much filtered water you require at any one time; this will depend on how many people there are in your household, how much water you drink and use for cooking, and so on.


If you’re looking for a water filtration system in the UK, talk to us today.