How To Choose Taps For Your New Kitchen

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Getting a new kitchen fitted is one of, if not, the biggest renovation projects you are likely to do in your house. After emptying your cupboards, gutting the room, and buying new appliances, don’t forget to save some energy and money for choosing the little fixtures and fittings as well, including your taps.

Here is a useful guide on how to pick the right taps to suit your new kitchen. 


  • Industrial

The industrial style is very popular in the interior design world, and homeowners are still favouring open-shelving, Eddison pendant lights, exposed brick walls, and stainless steel stools in their cooking area.

Thanks to Real Homes describing them as “easy to live with and maintain”, lots of DIY enthusiasts have been incorporating exposed pipework, pendant lights, rustic or reclaimed wood features, locker units, and visible extractor units over the last few years, particularly as these fixtures tend to “get better as they age”.

If you are going for an industrial-style kitchen with your renovation work, make sure your taps complement the other features by choosing ones in brushed brass or nickel, copper or rose gold. Taps with pull-out spray hoses add a commercial feel as they wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant kitchen.


  • Monochrome

Monochrome kitchens have come in and out of fashion for years, but they are definitely making their return at the moment.

“A two-toned kitchen always makes a confident and creative impression and allows you to play with elements, whether it’s the cabinets or countertops,” Living Etc stated, adding: “The black and white combination is smart and bold, will stand the test of time, and is best placed to go with evolving decorating schemes.”

The great thing about monochrome kitchens is you can choose which features to make black or white. For instance, you could have cupboards with a matte black finish next to a stark white worktop and ceramic sink, or you could go bold with black and white Mediterranean-style tiles on the floor, or design an entirely white kitchen with some striking accessories, such as black taps.

Long gone are the days when taps are all stainless steel, and now black-coloured taps are becoming immensely popular. Fit a modern three-way tap with matte black finish on to your bright white sink for a stylish, sophisticated touch.


  • Contemporary chic

House designs always fall into two categories – retro and vintage or modern and chic. If you are trying to achieve the latter style in your home, it is important to think carefully about your fixtures and accessories.

Cupboard carcases, appliances and worktops might be the same whichever style you go for, but doors, knobs or handles, lights and taps are what distinguish one from the other.

For a modern kitchen, choose a sleek three-way modern kitchen mixer with a sharp 90-degree angle. Instead of a curved style or taps with very straight lines, the current contemporary choice is a mix between the two.  

Other features to consider to complete this look include stainless steel accents, gold surfaces, glossy white cabinets, marble worktops, and sculptural lighting, according to Architectural Digest.


For more inspiration, take a look at our kitchen mixer taps with water filters here.