Can Filtered Water Improve Your Cocktails?

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Throughout the lockdowns of the past two years, many people, in place of being able to see friends in bars and restaurants, started to learn how to properly mix cocktails at home, maybe spurred by the mixology tutorials of actor Stanley Tucci.

But as well as getting the right alcohol, mixers, and bar tools, did you know that filtered water can make a significant difference to your at-home cocktails? The first requisite of good cocktail mixing is plenty of ice, but this essential component of drink making can often be neglected by the home mixologist.

Ice is not simply about bringing the temperature of the drink down to the correct level, its also about adding the correct water to each drink. Ice is almost a hidden ingredient to any cocktail. Ice is vital to maintaining the purity of the cocktail while getting it to the right dilution and temperature


The Optimal Ice

Just about every cocktail recipe begins with a variant of mix all the ingredients with ice, but the specific form is ice is not always apparent.

There is a wide range of different ice, each suited for a different drink, from ice cubes for shaking and stirring, spheres and large cubes for rocks drinks, spheres for highballs, and pebbles for crushed ice tiki-style drinks.

Most bars will have industrial ice-making machines and special moulds that help create perfectly shaped and crystal clear ice cubes, there are ways for the home bartender to elevate their ice-making game.


The Ideal Water

The first step to pro-level ice is to use the right water. If youve spent good money in finding the right alcohol and garnishes to give your cocktail a polished look, then using ice made from unfiltered tap water can introduce contaminants and immunities that can ultimately spoil the drink.

Using ice made from purified RO water will provide you will cubes or spheres of clear, pure ice, and will improve your cocktails no end!


If youre looking for a home water filtration system, get in touch today.