You're in!

Great news, you've subscribed to our Water Filtration System Services Direct Debit (currently London only). Here's what your monthly payment of £19.99 includes:
Installation of your water filtration system
Scheduled filter replacements
Routine servicing and maintenance
Warranty coverage of your device
Repairs of your water filtration system without any extra fees
Removal & reinstallation when moving house (max. 40 miles)


How do I know when it's time to replace the filters?

Don't worry! We keep track of the filter intervals so you don't have to. We will call you on the mobile number provided within the agreement. If we are unable to get hold of you after several attempts, we'll leave a message and expect a call back or email from you at this point. 

What happens on the day?

Our engineer will arrive at the day and timeframe that you've agreed to. He / She may run late due to unforeseen circumstances such as a delay at the previous jobs, traffic, motor vehicles issues etc. Once they arrive, the typical routine includes: 
  • A simple pre-carbon filter replacement for countertops and leak inspection
  • Pre / post and/or RO Membrane filter replacements for the countertops as well as a tank clean and leak inspection
  • Full set (may not include the RO membrane, depending on replacement intervals) of filter replacements for the under sink systems, including tank pressure check and leak inspection
Depending on the job, this can typically take 15mins - 45mins or longer if a different issue related to the filter system arises.

Can we move the replacement filter procedure to 8 weeks later or so?

That's no problem at all! We just want to ensure that your device performs at optimum performance enabling you to access the purest water. Please ensure you let us know when you're back so that we can arrange the earliest time possible. This typically happens during the summer holidays, we'll continue with the original intervals even if the filters are replaced late.